About Our Company

BOXR hydro excavation equipment is designed and constructed by operators for operators. All BOXR staff have at least five years of experience in the field of hydro-excavation, some as much as 33 years. We have used and broken much of the product already on the market. Our hydrovac units are used for various applications in the oil & gas, utility, transportation, engineering and industrial sectors. Some of the applications include daylighting, potholing, shoring, excavating, tunneling, slot trenching and pole/piling holes.

Hydro-excavation has a new name, BOXR. A simple yet efficient design focusing on safe and easy operation, a balance between weight and durability, ease of maintenance, and a high legal payload make BOXR the industry’s premiere hydro-excavation unit. Pound for pound, nothing else hauls more. Feedback from people in the field have proven that BOXR hydro-excavation equipment is the clear choice for contractors, municipalities, and utility companies who take safety and efficiency to heart.

Product Features

Fully hydraulic driven systems
Water and vacuum systems completely independent
CAT Triplex Pump, up to 4000 PSI/Upt 25 GPM
Non-complicated systems for easy troubleshooting and repair